Norman Reedus Just Perfectly Shut Down Those Emily Kinney Dating Rumors With One Tweet

But still ... Daryl and Beth FOREVER.

We'd love to tell you otherwise, but "The Walking Dead" stars Norman Reedus and Emily Kinney aren't making up for their shoulda-been-together-waaaaah on-screen counterparts Daryl and Beth by taking all of their steamy screen chemistry over to the land of the living.

Sorry. (Hey, we were just as bummed as you.)

Reedus' rep confirmed the same to MTV News on Wednesday (June 17), stating that he and Kinney are not currently an item, despite the eep-inducing romance rumors that spread faster than a gaggle of desiccating walkers through the pried-open prison gate earlier in the day.

To supplement the official denial, Reedus, who is known to be savvy with his social media stuff, decided to have a little fun with the buzz involving another, slightly less menacing and maniacal Governor than the one from the show.

"New couple alert," he wrote on his Twitter page, alongside a picture of himself with the Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The snap was taken during Reedus' appearance at the CMT Awards last week when he was spotted slugging brews in the audience, the way only he can do.

Daryl Dixon win. Again.