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Kelso And Hyde Are Reuniting For A Groovy New Show

But will they still have The Circle?

Kelso and Hyde were once frenemies for the ages on "That '70s Show" -- what with all the feuding over Jackie and secretly competing for raddest hairstyle -- but they've put their bickering and rampant BURNing aside in the 21st Century and are joining forces again for a far out, man new show.

Per Deadline, Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson are coming together again for a new Netflix comedy series called "The Ranch," currently being tooled by the braintrust behind Kutcher's "Two and a Half Men," showrunners Don Reo and Jim Patterson.

In the multi-camera series, which is expected to run for at least 20 episodes in two-part increments, Kutcher and Masterson will play siblings. Which'll sort of make Jackie Hyde's sister-in-law, right? Since, ya know, Kelso and Jackie got hitched and had a baby IRL and all.

Kidding -- but they really are playing a pair of brothers for "The Ranch," which means we're bound to get a righteous bag of ... antics out of the sharp-jawed pair of witmasters.

Like the many, many trick shots.


And all the quirky down-time entertainment.


Plus, of course, endless jokes made at the other's expense.


We're all alright, we're all okay, indeed. Hello, Netflix!