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30 Amazing Lana Del Rey Tattoos That Will Cure Your 'Summertime Sadness'

You can't really be that sad when all this pretty is around.

Dear Lana Del Rey: You are 30 years old on Sunday (June 21). Congrats on living another year of awesomeness! Another year, Lana, that your face has been inked across the flesh of your adoring fans.

This may not be surprising to you, lady, but your fans are totally into tattoos -- and, specifically, tattoos of your lovely mug. So, in honor of you turning that age most revered by Jennifer Garner in "13 Going On 30," we're compiled 30 just killer fans tattoos -- many of which might look eerily familiar to you.

Check it out while you eat some cake:

  1. Lana's face dresses up any expanse of flesh...
  2. ... even when part of hers is missing.
  3. Ribs also serve as the perfect canvas for Lana's mug.
  4. Um, this is some straight-up loveliness.
  5. I like how this person is taking Lana's advice.
  6. Lana totally has this girl's back. Literally.
  7. Lana, a leg and a glass of wine = Instagram magic.
  8. Every rose has its... ouch.
  9. This cameo is dope.
  10. Lolita shades and chain.
  11. Half-finished Del Rey.
  12. Not sure whether to look at Lana or the snake or Lana or the snake...
  13. This bee looks totally real and I'm kind of scared.
  14. The look in her eyes is just so Lana.
  15. Lovely lyrics -- even lovelier ink.
  16. Atheist words to live by.
  17. This is just... I'm dead. It killed me dead.
  18. Gorgeous and terrifying all at once.
  19. Lana is a goddess. Here, quite literally.
  20. I'm such a fan of really literal tattoos -- like this one. Also, ow?
  21. The body electric indeed! Look at all that ink!
  22. The detail on this one. Whoa.
  23. Amazing. I need Lana ink STAT.
  24. Much pretty.
  25. Lana is everything in this one. Like, all things.
  26. Zombie Del Rey.
  27. SO fresh.
  28. Nirvana + Lana = makes sense.
  29. How is this even possible?
  30. Bee-Stung lips for real.