Salt, Sugar And Fat Are Awesome -- And They Can Kill You

They're delicious, but they're also super unhealthy.

You know what cavemen didn't really have? Salt, sugar and fat. We, on the other hand, are drowning in that deadly trifecta and it is, quite literally, killing us.

"The theory is that we developed a taste for those things because they were so rare," says New York Times investigative reporter Michael Moss in the latest "Rock Your Brain" video from MTV, "The Skinny on Salt, Fat, and Sugar." "The food industry has tapped into our biological liking for these three ingredients and overwhelmed our ability to sort of deal with them."

Potato chips are so delicious because they have all three -- salt on the surface that hits your tongue first, tons of fat (sometimes 50 percent) to give you that great "mouth feel" that makes you keep eating them and sugar in the form of the starch from the potato.

"The reality is that when your take out salt, sugar and fat from many of these products there isn't a lot left," he said. One part of that equation, though, is on its last legs, because the FDA ordered food manufacturers to phase out all unhealthy artificial trans fats in processed foods within three years.

Here's the dirty little secret of the food industry, though: they're more hooked on salt, sugar and fat than we are because that trio is worth billions and billions to them every year. Even if it could end up making the very consumers they are after very sick or dead.