Little Mix Fragrances

Your First Look At Little Mix's Debut Fragrance Is Here And It's Pure Magic

Gold on gold.

Mixers, the day has finally come—your first look at the advertisement and packaging for Little Mix’s Gold Magic perfume is here. Unsurprisingly, they’re just as sparkling as every other thing the group does.

When the band announced their first fragrance, they did so surrounded by gold glitter. There was also a ton of glitter in their "Black Magic" video and, truthfully, we're kinda surprised the band hasn’t morphed into one giant sequin yet. The new ad campaign follows suit.

In a behind-the-scenes video from the shoot, we get a closer look at the wardrobe and, as Jade puts it, "beautiful humans advertising a beautiful perfume."

We also finally have our first look at the perfume's packaging. Perrie revealed on her Instagram that the box features each of the girls on a different side of the box. The fragrance itself comes in a clear glass bottle and somehow—magic??—appears to be gold.

The fragrance's official site describes it as—"A spellbinding but naturally beautiful Eau de Parfum; Gold Magic is the debut fragrance by Little Mix. Surprisingly understated yet complex, it’s a true reflection of the band and the irresistible chemistry between them."

While all those words are rather vague, our excitement for the scent has officially reached an all-time high. Now, ladies, will you please tell us when will be able to pick up a bottle for ourselves?!