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'Princess Diaries': 6 Things We'd Want To See In A Threequel

Fatter Louie!

UPDATE (6/17/15, 3:07 p.m. ET): Sad news, citizens of Genovia: according to Entertainment Weekly, a source close to Disney has told them that reports of a new "Princess Diaries" movie have been greatly exaggerated. Although, you never know, maybe we convinced them that it's a good idea with our overwhelming enthusiasm? A girl can dream.

In case you were stuck in Genovia without Internet access on Tuesday (June 16), know that "The Princess Diaries 3" is happening -- but whether or not Anne Hathaway, who has won an Academy Award since her last stint as Mia Thermopolis in 2004, will return remains to be seen.

However, even though Hathaway is great and our younger selves loved watching her journey, there's no reason why the show could not go on with a new princess in tow. Below, the six royal elements we need for "The Princess Diaries 3" to work -- with or without its main star:

  1. Feminism

    Even though Mia always had a handsome suitor or two to contend with, the second "Princess Diaries" made it clear that this was the story about a woman coming into her own -- no marriage needed -- by having Mia's happy ending be a Genovian parliament that included women. It's not exactly the most daring or intersectional brand of feminism on the market, but since this will be a movie for little girls who eat up Disney princess stories, it's great to see marriage sidelined in favor of personal happiness and equality.

  2. Female friendship

    Another great thing about the "Princess" movies? Their commitment to making Lilly, Mia's best friend, a crucial figure in her life. Unlike many teen girl friendships in movies, these two ladies were never backstabbing, always supportive, and totally silly and hilarious when they were together.

  3. Normal teens

    Another thing that was great about "Princess Diaries?" How normal Anne Hathaway looked throughout most of the movie, and how refreshing it was for a major, up-and-coming starlet to look like an ordinary human being on screen. A whole lot of celebrities look fairly normal sans ridiculous amounts of makeup and hours in a hair table -- sorry, pretty much none of us are Lily James in "Cinderella" -- and it's good for teen girls to see someone who doesn't look like Mandy Moore be the star of the show.

    Could do with a little less of the curly hair-shaming though, to be quite honest.

  4. Pratfalls

    Hathaway's physical comedy as Mia was priceless -- so if they don't bring her back, let's hope they find someone as willing as she was to fall straight down on her ass.

  5. Cats

    Sorry to be a downer, but Fat Louie is probably dead -- though this series is so ingrained with felines in my brain that I can't imagine a new "Princess" without her precious cat. Make it happen, folks.

  6. Julie Andrews

    Hathaway's onscreen journey may or may not be finished, but it's hard to imagine a "Princess Diaries" without the regally fantastic Queen Clarisse Renaldi. Her hilarious and daring character would make a great anchor for the third film -- maybe she could mentor another kind-yet-clueless young teen who finds out she has royal blood? Then sing on a mattress with Raven-Symoné again, just for the hell of it?

    Sure, it would be strange to see Clarisse without Mia, but since Andrews told "Access Hollywood" in 2012 that she was down for more films -- but doubted that she'd get the chance to do them due to "Annie's" success -- it's a pretty safe bet that she might return.