Fact: Denim Jackets Can Be Used As A Weapon

In the latest episode of MTVOther's 'No Seasons,' Julian Yuri Rodriguez and his pal get into an unbelievable scuffle.

From stolen boats to mysterious treasure chests, "No Seasons" has taken viewers into the depths of Miami's gritty underbelly, giving us a culture shock in more ways than one.

The latest stop on Julian Yuri Rodriguez's wild adventures? An unbelievable art gallery scuffle featuring the innovative use of ... a denim jacket.

In episode three, a new character enters the scene: Rodriguez's close pal Crudo, who helped Rodriguez (a notable figure in South Florida's creative community) celebrate one of his first art shows at a local gallery years ago. Rodriguez and Crudo started the party a little early, drinking uncontrollably and getting wasted before they even made it to the venue.

"We got mad jacked up," Crudo admits.

The alcohol was still flowing once the pair made it inside the festivities, but the good times came to an abrupt stop when Crudo noticed the keg at the show was empty and announced to the crowd, "Someone drank all the beer." While Rodriguez and Crudo lamented over the quandary, a giant "white dude" uttered an offensive remark: "Nah, man, the Cubans did it."

Fueled by the combo of his drunken stupor and the unnamed man's prejudice words, Crudo went into full retaliation mode and whipped the guy square in the face with his jean jacket. To add to the fury, Rodriguez launched a bottle into the air and, needless to say, all hell broke loose.

What happened next? And who won the battle? Find out in the video below, and check out all eight episodes of "No Seasons"!