New York Times

Is It Possible For Trans Kids To Transition Too Soon?

18-year-old Kat Boone is one of a new batch of teens going through the transition process.

Many people commented that Caitlyn Jenner was going through her transition process much later in life than the average transgender person, but what about people who go through their transition earlier in life?

On June 16 New York Times posted a story on teens transitioning, highlighting the example of 18-year-old Kat Boone, who had surgery this last spring. Some doctors feel it is better to help kids transition early, because it’s less strain on their body and they might feel happier and more comfortable with themselves sooner.

Others argue that while the majority of people who are transgender felt gender dysphoria at a young age, many young people with gender dysphoria do not turn out to be transgender. In that case, they say, you wouldn't want to rush the transition process.

For Kat, the transition process feels just right and she has “zero regrets” about going through surgery at a young age.