Myles Pettengill

14 Songs Tori Kelly Made Even Better By Covering Them

They're so good, it's almost unfair.

Before Tori Kelly had her own album coming out (yes, Unbreakable Smile be here June 23), she was an artist trying to make in on "American Idol." And although things didn't work out, Kelly gained quite the following on YouTube, where she captured the attention of over a million subscribers with her endless charm and ridiculous vocal riffs.

Yes, even before Tori was our MTV Artist to Watch last year, she was strumming away on YouTube, gifting her fans with covers of popular songs with her special Tori twist.

Don't know what I'm talking about? Sit back, click away, and get ready for a treat. Here are the songs that Tori made her own:

  1. 'The Only Exception' - Paramore
  2. 'Crazy' - Seal
  3. 'Thinkin Bout You' - Frank Ocean

    Tori teamed up with Angie Girl for a beats-driven acoustic cover.

  4. 'Royals' - Lorde

    Victoria Ryann invited Tori to help her sing Lorde's first hit.

  5. 'Under The Mistletoe' - Justin Bieber

    She did this one with AJ Rafael and they made a cute video to go along with it.

  6. 'Glitter In The Air' - Pink
  7. 'Best Thing I Never Had' - Beyonce

    She did this one with Toderick Hall, who now has his own MTV show.

  8. 'Only Girl (In The World)' - Rihanna
  9. 'Suit & Tie' - Justin Timberlake
  10. 'PYT' - Michael Jackson

    The audio for her original is taken down, but this audience reaction video is almost as good.

  11. 'Thinking Out Loud' - Ed Sheeran
  12. 'Roar' - Katy Perry

    Tori joined Scott from Superfruit for this cover.

  13. 'Brokenhearted' - Brandy feat. Wanya Morris

    Jeremy Passion invited Tori over for this cover.

  14. 'No One' - Alicia Keys

    Kelly mashed up her own song "Dear No One" with Alicia Keys' hits "No One" and "Empire State of Mind."