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'Shadowhunters': Jace Kicks Demon Ass In This Awesome Set Video

This looks seriously bad-ass.

Another day, another look at "Shadowhunters."

With so much excitement surrounding the ABC Family production, it's hard to imagine waiting until 2016 for the series to premiere -- but alas, wait we must. Thankfully, a few good men on the inside feel our pain and have been dropping behind-the-scenes photos and videos from set to help accelerate the long, cold wait.

"Shadowhunters," based on Cassandra Clare's bestselling "Mortal Instruments" series, stars Katherine McNamara as protagonist Clary Fray and Dominic Sherwood as her human-angel hybrid (read: Nephilim) protector, Jace. Since production started in late May, we've gotten glimpses Jace, Clary and the squad, but never something quite as heart-pounding as seeing the Shadowhunters in action.

Director McG recently posted this video of Sherwood showing off his killer moves, and frankly, Jace looks pretty bad-ass. However, where's the second half of this parabatai? Jace is cool and all, but now we really want to see Alec in action. (We're not the only ones, either.)

Showrunner Ed Decter also treated fans to a "dark" look at your soon-to-be OTP Clace. We've seen photos of Jace and Clary together before but never have they looked so hot troubled. Plus, their Shadowhunting ensembles are on point. We're most intrigued by Clary's necklace. There's no way that could be the Lightwood family necklace, right? It's a little odd that Izzy isn't wearing it at Pandemonium...

Then there's this random video of Harry Shum Jr. (Magnus Bane) dancing on set in costume because of course that has to exist on the Internet.

And if you weren't already in love with this cast, prepare to be swept off your feet. Sherwood's IRL girlfriend Sarah Hyland surprised him on set last week, and now there is actual proof of the sweet encounter.

Stop being so adorable, you two.