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Prince George's Weekend Of Fun Taught Us So Much About Him

The almost-two-year-old sure has grown a lot.

Omigosh. Prepare yourself for cuteness overload.

Prince George has always been such a dashing little dude. No doubt about that. But this weekend, he got to cut loose a little bit in public, and it was royally adorable.

After taking in all the sweet snaps and writing a few poems about the wonder that is this baby's blonde combover, we realized that the pics actually showed us a lot about his development as the future King of England.

Not only is he on the right track, but he's basically about to lap the whole family with his natural amazingness.

  • First, the pint-sized Prince was pictured hanging out by a window on Saturday (June 13), taking a peek at the crowd and then giving his adoring audience a courtesy wave.
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    He's learned so well.

  • And then he went and stuck his tongue out at them. Because he's the people's prince, see?
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    We cannot with this kid. Now we've got a BAD case of the Must-Squeeze-This-Baby's-Wittle-Cheeks Syndrome.

  • Later that day, he came out to point at things with Dada during the Trooping the Colour event at Buckingham Palace.
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    Because that's what you do, right? Who's teaching who here?

  • Then on Sunday (June 14), he and his mum went and played in the grass while Prince William played polo for charity. And he was a gracious guest (albeit not easily amused).
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    That. Face.

    He's not sure about that hat, team.

  • And he displayed a total mastery of footwork.
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    While Princess Kate didn't look too sure, the Prince was totally ready to descend from on high just then.

  • It was like he just knew he was born to lead.
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    And it all starts with just getting mum to go left like he clearly wants her to.

We totally believe in this boy. Go George!