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Kim And Kanye Gave North A Magical B-Day: See The Pics

Mom and her mini-me in Minnie ears? Too cute.

Most two-year-olds would probably be happy to get a backyard barbecue or maybe a day at Chuck-E-Cheese for their second birthday party. But Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's too-cute toddler North got to celebrate her big day cozying up to Mickey Mouse and friends alongside her whole fam at Disneyland.

No, Kimye didn't go as far as to rent out the whole park like she did with the Staples Center on Ye's bday last week, but they did take up a lot of ticket space with the near-whole Kardashian Klan -- including Kourtney, Kylie, Kendall, Penelope, and Mason.

Clearly, it was the Happiest Place on Earth.

  • First of all, Momye went and wore a pair of lacy Minnie Mouse ears in front of everybody.
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    Which is totally okay right now because Nori is still way too young for her mom to embarrass her. If this was her Sweet Sixteen, it might be a different story.

  • Also, North got this ridiculously adorable bow and blush facepaint to match her own pair of dainty mouse ears. CUTE.
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    And, look, a balloon animal! We are so jeal of this kid.

  • Meanwhile, Kim and Yeezy both found a way to take a load off from the heat -- by riding the merry-go-round.
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    (We'll just have to pretend that her pose on the carousel horse pole doesn't look slightly salacious because this is a kid's birthday party for crying out loud, and whose mind goes there, right?!)