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Did Lil B Curse LeBron James? Watch ‘Cursed Or Not Cursed’ To Find Out

You'll also know if Kevin Durant's still under the infamous 'Based God Curse.'

Lil B's known for his rapping, but he's also become highly touted for his hexing.

The MC's "Based God Curse" has become a phenomena, particularly after his feud with NBA All-Star Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder. Following that beef, Lil B was believed to be responsible for these "curses" placed on James Harden, Marreese Speights and LeBron James.

On Monday (Jun. 15), ESPN invited The Based God to the set of "Sports Nation" where he played a game of "Cursed Or Not Cursed." And the results? Eerie and hilarious. So, here's a look at who's still hexed and who's been forgiven by Lil B.

Kevin Durant

Status: Cursed

"Oh yeah, KD's curse is active. He's still cursed. He has to play me in a game of 21. That's the only way the curse can be lifted." - Lil B

James Harden

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Status: Not Cursed

"I actually lifted the curse off Harden. I had to ask the Based God. Once I seen all the trials and tribulations Harden was going through...from the curse warning, I felt a little bad." - Lil B

Maurice Speights

Status: Forgiven.

"You see that everybody that usually speaks about Lil B in a negative way, they have a weird character flaw. Maurice misses a wide open dunk...Forgive him, man." - Lil B

LeBron James

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Status: Not Cursed

"There's definitely no curse on LeBron. Shouts out to LeBron...We'll never try to interfere with everything that's natural."

The NBA season is almost over. James' Cleveland Caveliers are facing off against Steph Curry's Golden State Warriors for the championship. The California squad is leading the best of 7 series with 3 games to 2. Game 6 is scheduled for tomorrow.