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Here's The New Gadget Your Favorite Celebrities Are Obsessed With

No, we're not talking about the Apple watch.

Everyone loves a new gadget, and when you're a celebrity, you have just a little bit more pocket change to throw at the coolest electronic items when they hit the market. And I'm not talking about expensive watches that help you check-in for flights, I'm talking about the future of transportation, because walking is getting old.

The PhunkeeDuck looks like a much cooler version of the Segway -- because nothing about the Segway was cool -- and allows you to glide around and cause a spectacle, without looking completely ridiculous. Celebs like Wiz Khalifa, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber and NBA player J.R. Smith are already sold.

It's hard to explain, so take a look at what I mean below. (And start saving if you want one, because they're $1,500 a pop).