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Zayn Malik Just Remixed 'No Type' And You Need To Listen Now

Well, this is one direction to our hearts.

Deny, deny, deny. That's basically all we've been doing these past few months following Zayn Malik's sudden, sads-inducing departure from One Direction.

But today (June 15), Zayn Malik has finally released his first real solo effort -- a cover of Rae Sremmurd​'s "No Type" which he performed alongside UK rapper MIC Righteous -- and, well, it's pretty hard to deny this.

Because, first of all, it's amazing. That voice! Like BUTTER.

And also, some of the lyrics kind of go with his current rampant hair-dyeing, go-with-the-flow attitude, right? Like, "I'm just living life/And let my momma tell me yeah I ain't living right..." It totally fits.

As if this -- and all those agony-inducing tour pics of 1D minus 1 - weren't confirmation enough that Zayn is not going to be coming back to re-make it a fivesome, USA Today has gotten official word that despite some weird activity on the band's website and a valiant hashtag effort by fans, "Zayn is not returning to the band."