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There's A New Stud Joining 'Grey's Anatomy' And His McNickname Is Perfect

Welcome to Grey-Sloan Memorial, Doc.

We're still not really over the loss of Dr. McDreamy from the halls of Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital -- and we probably never will be, to be quite honest -- but we do like where this new bit of casting news is heading. That is, right back to Hot Doctor Town. 'Cause we kind of like to just live there on Thursday nights.

According to E! News, studly actor Martin Henderson (who also starred as a schmexy M.D. in ABC's short-lived medical drama "Off The Map") will be joining "Grey's Anatomy's" 12th season as a surgeon. And whereas other residents of our tragedy-stricken hospital have had to work their way up to regular status, like Mr. Miranda Bailey, Henderson's stepping right into that solid status. So, while details are scant on his character, we do know he's going to be a BFD newcomer to the Seattle squad.

As such, "Grey's" fans have already begun to offer him their warmest form of welcome: A McNickname all his own.

Yep, already he's got his "Mc"-themed fan Moniker -- to match McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey's Dr. Derek Shepherd), McSteamy (Eric Dane's Dr. Mark Sloan), and McVet (Chris O'Donnell's Finn Dandridge) -- and it is, drum roll please: McHotty.

Now, you might think that is a little too close to what Dr. Addison Shepherd (Kate Walsh) got dubbed by Alex early on in the series, but that was actually just McHot. And it didn't really stick, right?

#McHotty is already getting some action on the Twitterverse.

"Grey's" returns to ABC (with its new beau in tow) on Sept. 24.