'Orange Is The New Black' Just Gave This MTV Series A Special Mention

Hint: The Litchfield-based convo centered around some suspicious Internet behavior.

While television time may be limited for the "Orange Is the New Black" ladies, one MTV series did manage to get a special mention inside the penitentiary walls during the hit Netflix show's new season. A brief hint about the shout-out: The program features some fishy cyber behavior...

And now, on to the quirky, prison-based scene (which reveals a bit of spoiler info): During episode 3, corrections officer and counselor Sam Healy once again enlists the help of the always blunt and entertaining Galina "Red" Reznikov to serve as a mediator between him and his Russian-speaking, mail-order bride Katya. Since there's a bit of a language barrier between the troubled, New York-based couple, the Master Chef agrees to translate K's blunt words. After a bit of back and forth, a disgruntled Katya tries to use a pop culture reference (courtesy of this very network) to pinpoint her frustration.

"We never have real feeling at the beginning because you’re not the man you say to me on the Internet," she spits in English. "You 'catfish!'"

While the Litchfield employee and longtime inmate were totally clueless about K's seafood name-calling (their expressions were positively priceless and required no further explanation), there was no denying (at least, to us) what she was referring to during the fiery exchange. And it became very apparent that Katya definitely could have used Nev Schulman and Max Joseph's trusty sleuthing skills to investigate the quirky character.

Sound off on the funny "OITNB" interaction below -- and be sure to catch brand-new episodes of "Catfish" starting on July 8 at 10/9c!