Isaac Brekken, Getty Images

Natalie Portman Pulled A Baller Power Move In Support Of Female Directors

No female director? No movie.

From here on out, Natalie Portman will be known as Bad-ass-alie Portman.

We already know that the actress is set to play Ruth Bader Ginsburg in an upcoming biopic (and that she's a spitting image of the Supreme Court justice), "On the Basis of Sex," but it just came to light that Portman engage in some pro-woman activism of her own on the project.

At a Washington D.C. event over the weekend, Ginsburg herself divulged that Portman had temporarily delayed the project, which follows Bader's feminist activism in the '70s, for a very awesome reason.

"Natalie Portman came to talk to me about this, and we had a very good conversation," Ginsburg said, according to MSNBC. "And one thing, interesting, that she insisted on, it held up the project for awhile. She said, 'I want the director to be a woman. There are not enough women in this industry. There are many talented out there.' And now they do have a woman director."

That would be "Diary of a Teenage Girl" director Marielle Heller, if you were wondering.

This is another small victory for women in Hollywood following the ACLU's announcement that it would push for a civil rights investigation into the lack of female directors. Those who have the power -- like Oscar winner Portman -- don't have to just (nata)lie there and take it. Consider this your daily dose of girl power inspo!