Walking Is Boring -- See Nicki Minaj's New Mode Of Transportation

Walking is so overrated.

If you're not driving, catching public transportation or riding a bicycle, walking is also a pretty standard option for humans who want to get from place A to place B, but walking is boring when you're Nicki Minaj.

It looks like Nicki just needed to get around inside of a building this weekend -- possibly a hotel -- so she found a new, energy-saving option to makes moves.

She attached herself to Meek Mill's legs, while he was standing on a motorized device -- possibly the Phunkee Duck that celebrities like Wiz Khalifa have been using -- and proceeded to glide down the hallway.

She was clearly having a good time, instructing Meek not to go too fast, and pointing out how their height difference made it an even sillier sight.

Meek apparently clocks in at 6' 3'', while Nicki only tallies up to 5' 3''.

So, if you're tired of walking, you might consider hopping onto a friends legs to get around. Sounds like a real energy saver.