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'Game Of Thrones': Forget Those Other Deaths, Here’s The One That Hurt Most

We have one fewer (less?) reason to look forward to 'Thrones' next year.


"Do your duty."

Stannis Baratheon's final words speak to what "Game of Thrones" fans loved about the guy, for better and quite often for worse. "He'll break before he bends," is what people in Westeros would often say about the middle Baratheon brother. Sure enough, he did.

In what's yet another one of season five's many major deviations from the source material, the Dragonstone-dwelling Stannis met his maker at the hands of Brienne of Tarth during last night's finale, "Mother's Mercy." At least, we THINK he met his maker; it's possible that Brienne swung her sword into a tree, not Stannis' face, but not especially likely. What reason does she have for pulling her punches? And if we're going to fake someone from the finale's death, aren't we going to reserve that trick for Jon Snow?

Anyway. Like Stannis, we march forward — only forward. Whether or not he's truly gone, we proceed as though he is. In the midst of all this (deserved) Jon Snow sadness, let us not forget the passing of Bobby Baratheon's little brother. While he lost his way and our loyalty over the course of the season, we would all be lying if we said we won't miss the Mannis and his many mannerisms, including but not limited to…

  1. His rigid sense of justice.
  2. His unbridled passion for pyromaniacs.
  3. His bromance with Davos Seaworth.
  4. His grammar skills.
  5. His combat skills.
  6. His politicking skills.
  7. His parenting skills.

    Yeah okay NOPE.

  8. His frowny face.
  9. His happy face.
  10. His beardy face.
  11. His focusing face.
  12. His final face.
  13. Adios, Stannis.

    Smell you later.