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Drake Bell Is Down For A 'Drake & Josh' Reunion Too, But What About Miranda Cosgrove?!

Nickelodeon gods, make it happen!

Oh my god it's all happening.

We recently chatted with former Nickelodeon star Josh Peck about a possible "Drake & Josh" reunion, and now, his onscreen partner in crime has responded to our cries.

"I'm down as well!" Drake Bell tweeted over the weekend with a screengrab of our interview, putting an end to our endless suspicions. (Aside: Dude, you really need to charge your phone.)

With the titular characters of "Drake & Josh" officially onboard, could a reunion special actually happen? That all depends on creator Dan Schneider.

"I feel like there’s a small part of [Schneider] that’s had some ideas since the day we stopped filming," Peck told MTV News. "And he’s like, 'When the world’s ready, I’m going to blow the world’s mind with this one.'"

We definitely think that's an understatement. Fans are already freaking out over a potential "Drake & Josh" reunion and nothing has even been confirmed yet!

"I think people are always sort of begging for some sixth season of 'Drake & Josh' and whatnot," Peck said. "To just pick it back up without ever acknowledging that there was a 10-year gap might be a little odd -- because we definitely put on some years, but if they figured out a really cool fun way to bring back the entire cast and do, I don’t know a three episode mini-series or something, that would be dope. I’ll go work at the movie theater again."

He added: "I’m going to do every scene shirtless and maybe pantsless." Yes, please!

Now, what say you, Miranda Cosgrove? It's not a complete "Drake & Josh" reunion unless Megan is there to spoil their fun.