13 'Game Of Thrones' Questions That Will Keep Us Screaming Until 2016

Like, will anyone be left alive, for example?

Spoilers for "Game of Thrones" season five past this point.

Well, that was traumatic. Not that we've come to expect anything less from "Game of Thrones," but the epic season five finale "Mother's Mercy" was anything but merciful. Multiple main character deaths, major changes of the status quo, and nearly the entirety of George R.R. Martin's books finished and done.

When season six picks up (presumably in 2016), we'll be officially in uncharted territory. With that in mind, here's every burning question we have left after season five, most of which can be boiled down to whether anyone is going to be left alive when we pick up again:

  1. Will Tyrion be Groundhog's Day-ing?
    Helen Sloan/HBO

    When we left off, Tyrion is now ruling Meereen with Grey Worm and Varys by his side. Last time the exiled Lannister was in charge, he saved King's Landing, but at the expense of his face, reputation, love, and nearly life. Granted, there he had to deal with Joffrey and Cersei; but here he has the Sons of the Harpy and -- as pointed out -- a serious language barrier.

    So can Tyrion rule effectively while Dany is gone? I mean, probably, right? He's actually very good at it, and despite certain problems, will most likely finally come into his own.

  2. Is that it for Cersei?
    Helen Sloan/HBO

    Did you see that look in her eyes as the "mysterious" new Kingsguardman carried her away? Hell no, she ain't done, she's just getting started. She's got an evil Maester, a Frankenstein monster stronger than anything this side of a White Walker, the ear of the King and vengeance to spare. If anything, being brought to her lowest point just means that Cersei is about to climb higher than she's ever gone before.

  3. Did Dany just meet a new Khal Drogo?

    This whole Dothraki army thing is a bit of a surprise, but I'd guess it means that after living at the top of the pyramid, she needs to reconnect with her roots. Oh, and maybe be able to head towards Westeros at the end of next season with a foot army (the Unsullied), and a riding army (the Dothraki). Now, if there were only some sort of islands made of iron that could add a few ships to her onslaught...

  4. Jon Snow isn't really dead, right?

    So here's the thing. We've got some theories about that, though who knows if they're correct because Jon Snow's Ides of Marching is the last time we see him in the books, too. Still, the main argument -- that Jon's story is far from over, and if this really is a "Song Of Ice and Fire," we need to see Jon and Dany meet -- is a valid one.

    Who knows, though. Maybe he's dead and the whole point of this show is that nothing matters, life is meaningless, and you wasted your time watching. Got you good! Time for "Ballers."

  5. Are Sansa and Reek Theon actually going to survive that fall?
    Helen Sloan/HBO

    I firmly refuse to accept, despite the fact that Myranda died from an even bigger fall just moments earlier, that these two characters would die Thelma and Lousie style. Adding fuel to that fire, this scene is straight from the books (though not with Sansa). They land in a nice snowdrift, and make their way to the safety of a blizzard.

  6. Hold up, what's going on with Arya's eyes?

    Interestingly, this happens earlier in her storyline in the books, and is all part of her training. She needs to figure out how to move around as a blind person, learning that even sight is unimportant to the followers of the Many Faced God. But yeah, she's blind now.

  7. Jorah and Daario are horse-riding buddies, that should be fun!

    I know, you don't end a question with an exclamation point. But yeah, that should be fun, or at least lead to some fun sparring (verbally). Also, they'll probably catch up to that Dothraki army sooner, rather than later.

  8. Wait, what are Sam and Gilly doing?

    Oh yeah, Sam is heading to Old Town to become a Maester, which, in the books, embroils him in some sort of weird murder mystery. But who knows? Basically, we needed him out of the way so Jon could be "killed," and also so he can learn more to stop the Night's King's army. Gilly is just there because Hannah Murray is the coolest person ever.

  9. They seriously killed Myrcella?
    Helen Sloan/HBO

    Yeah, probably, and after such a sweet moment, too. Basically this just means that Dorne went to war with King's Landing -- a war that, as Doran has mentioned a lot, neither of them can afford. Yikes.

  10. Where were Littlefinger and Olenna?

    It was surprising not to see these two master manipulators play into the finale, but given it was so packed I'm not quite sure what they would have added. Still, particularly as Littlefinger is yin to Varys' lack of yang, I'd expect their castle intrigue will play in big next year. Perhaps Littlefinger will join Cersei's vengeance coven?

  11. How's Bronn doing?

    Fine, I guess. Thanks for asking. Also, there's a SLIGHT possibility that he could save Myrcella, given he's now familiar with poisons, but we'll have to see.

  12. Did Brienne really kill Stannis?
    Helen Sloan/HBO

    I'm 50/50 on this one. On the one hand, she had no reason to spare his life, and he had the perfect Stannis exit line. On the other, we didn't actually see him die... And it's possible that Brienne might not kill him now that she knows he's being honest with her. Eh, but he's probably dead.

  13. Where's Bran?

    He's a tree, bro.