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Taylor Swift's Cat Finally Met Her Namesake, Olivia Benson

Cat treats are involved, and it is purr-fect.

Last night (June 13), at Taylor Swift's second 1989 tour concert in Philadelphia, pop culture history was made.

Tay's "Bad Blood" co-star Mariska Hargitay was again in the house following the previous evening's special appearance, so it only made sense that Tay allow another VIP guest to tag along.

(Hint: She has four legs, a lot of fur, and likes to eat treats.)

Behold: Swift's furbaby Olivia Benson meeting her namesake, Olivia Benson (from "Law and Order: SVU").

"Things are going well so far," Taylor said to narrate the epic encounter. Of course, it didn't hurt that Human Benson had yummies to help break the ice.

All is right with the world. The only thing that could've made all of this better is if our feline friend here had somehow stepped in as a ringbearer for that wedding Tay went on to crash. Because that would have been a serious #MINDSPLOSION.