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7 Gifts Benedict Cumberbatch Needs For Father's Day

There's a Cumberbaby in the world now.

There's a new Mr. Cumberbatch who'll be breaking all the hearts now.

See, Benedict Cumberbatch and his wife Sophie Hunter have officially welcomed their little bundle of joy into the world.

Which means (1) Cumberbatch is going to have to invest in some t-shirts and burpee cloths because spit-up would straight destroy his usual wardrobe, (2) we're one step closer to the Benedict Cumberbatch family band, and (3) he'll be celebrating his first Father's Day next weekend. And, oh yes, there will be poop.

So, just in case Sophie hasn't had time to do her shopping just yet -- because, ya know, she just gave birth and all -- we came up with a tidy list of gift ideas for Cumberbumber's first holiday of dadness.

  1. A new nickname.

    Benedad O. Cumberbaby? Okay, we'll let the pros handle that one.

  2. A special key so he can Sherlock himself away from the poop once in a while.

    Very important.

  3. A tape recorder and a stuffed dragon.

    When the sleep deprivation struggle starts getting really real, he can let Smaug do some of the soothing for him and Soph.

  4. A t-shirt that says, "This daddy Shere Khan handle anything."

    Meanwhile, the bebe desperately needs this 221b Baker Street onesie.

  5. Many books on the subject of rearing proper Englishmen.

    He's going to want this kid to be a gentleman, of course.

  6. A World's Finest Dad trophy.

    No need for explanation.

  7. A trampoline, so he can photobomb all the pictures of his kid.

    And also he needs a Twitter handle devoted solely to these photos because they would be more happy-making than emergency puppies. Seriously.