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Miley Cyrus Can’t Stop Posting Weird Pictures With Justin Bieber

Miley's Insta is a treasure trove of bizarre JB pics.

If you were to diligently scroll all the way through Miley Cyrus’ Instagram (highly recommended, BTW), a few undeniable conclusions you’d reach are:

- She’s serious about her arts and crafts.

- She eats a lot of pizza.

- Her dogs are her BFFs.

- The more outlandish the Photoshop, the better.

- She has a weird obsession with certain celebs.

Along with Elvis Presley and Madonna, one of the celebs who pops up most regularly on her Insta is Justin Bieber, via bizarrely edited images.

Just earlier this week, Miley posted a pic of Justin’s beaming mug on her now-iconic Paper magazine cover.

Clearly, this is an obsession that’s worth celebrating, so here are all the times Miley has shown off her weird affection for JB :

  1. Here’s Justin and Miley rocking Happy Hippie Foundation gear.
  2. There was that time Miley copied his top bun/prayer hands pose. The similarities are pretty uncanny, TBH.
  3. Miley couldn’t resist getting in on Justin’s H-O-T Calvin Klein ad.
  4. Yep, she apparently loved it as much as we did.
  5. Here’s baby Miley swimming on his back.
  6. What if Miley took JB’s place at his Vogue shoot with Kendall Jenner?
  7. Or what if she took Kendall’s place?
  8. Aww, here’s Justin cradling mini Miley.
  9. This mashup of their faces is equal parts creepy and cool. Their mouth is basically the same!
  10. And just because, here's a vintage pic of Miley and Justin from 2010 that shows just how far they've come. Awwwww.
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