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Dave Grohl Broke His Leg Onstage And Kept Performing... Because He's Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl continues to defy the laws of time, space, and humanity, simply by being himself: World's Coolest Dude.

While performing in Sweden today (June 12), the eternally badass Foo Fighters frontman fell off the stage, broke his leg -- like, actually broke it -- and decided to just keep going. Because that's what he does.

"I love you, too, motherf-ckers," he yelled into the crowd after the incident, before admitting, "I think I just broke my leg! Like, really broke my leg."

Yep. He really broke his leg.

Instead of giving up entirely, though, the Foos continued to play while Grohl received medical attention. After a quick break, he returned -- leg still broken, duh -- to finish the show for his devoted fans.

“I may not be able to walk or run, but I can still play guitar and scream!" Grohl said upon his return with a bandaged leg.

Now, THAT'S rock and roll.