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Justin Bieber Is Still Reminding Us That His Abs Are Real

Kendall Jenner's bare belly also makes an appearance at the Calvin Klein event.

Justin Bieber hit up Hong Kong with Kendall Jenner yesterday for a who-has-the-better-abs competition disguised as a Calvin Klein event.

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Kendall, who wore a leather mini skirt with a midriff-exposing button-up top to the event, posted a picture earlier to show off her in her Calvins, but let’s be real, her flat and toned abs were the real stars of the show.

Bieber, never one be outdone and clearly still on his truth crusade for those allegedly over-Photoshopped Calvin Klein ads, took to the grey carpet in an attempt to settle things as well as give Kendall a run for her money.

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As is always appropriate for high-profile events that involve carpets, our beloved Biebs lifted up his shirt to show up off (and stare at) his own abs, because when in Rome.

As for who has the better abs, it’s a tough call. Though Bieber’s dedication to yank up his shirt while posing for cameras is admirable, Kendall’s abs earn points for their ability to be subtle yet still garner Bieber-levels of attention. For now, we declare a tie. Though they're both clearly better at maintaing their abs than they are at cartwheels.