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Big Sean Rapped About Meditating, And He Wasn't Kidding: Watch His Tips

Sean walks you through his process.

When Big Sean rapped that, "Life got me meditatin' like I'm in the Himalayas," on "I Don't F--k With You," maybe you thought he was just doing it for the rhymes, or cause it sounded cool. But that's not the case. He was serious.

We all get into our creative zones and find focus in different ways. For Sean, before he records, it's meditation.

"I really be getting my mind right before I get in the booth," he told MTV News when we were with him in Detroit earlier this week in a brand new recording studio that he opened at his alma mater, Cass Technical High School.

But how does he go from his crazy life to a peaceful, focused place?

Step 1: Find a quiet spot

"I usually go somewhere super quiet, where I'm just by myself."

Step 2: Close your eyes

"First of all, I close my eyes. I get real centered."

Step 3: Focus on your breathing

"My mind be racing, [so] I try to slow it down as much as I can. I concentrate on my breathing."

Step 4: Become one with the earth

"And then I visualize a beam of light flowing from the center of the earth to myself. My whole body gets full of light -- I fill my whole body up."

Step 5: Travel above the earth

"Centered, it goes straight up in the sky, way up in the sky, so then I'm above all the madness, metaphorically speaking."

Step 6: Go all gold everything

"And I visualize all this gold light throughout my whole body, and it makes me feel great."

How's that sound to you? Manageable? Like something you want to do? Difficult? Crazy?

Well, if it's the last one, the "Blessings" rapper doesn't care.

"You could call it crazy, or whatever, but I could just tell you it really affects how I feel," he said. "Usually, what that does is just raise my vibration, man. I'm just ready for it. And then I go in the studio and knock the sh-t out."

If you've listened to Sean's music, like his March album, Dark Sky Paradise, then you know that he does indeed knock the sh-t out.