9 'Jurassic World' Butts We Want To Hold On To

When you're tired of holding on to your own butt, you can give these a whirl.

Although nobody in "Jurassic World" ever utters Samuel L. Jackson's iconic line from the original "Jurassic Park" -- you know, the one about butts and the holding-on-to thereof -- it's pretty clear that the filmmakers and actors have been keeping it in mind.

From the red-carpet premiere to the film itself, "Jurassic World" is a veritable buffet of butts, of the hold-onto-able variety. We've rounded up nine really good ones as evidence, beginning with...

  1. Leading butt, Chris Pratt.

    The grippable quality of Pratt's butt is demonstrated by how tenaciously Anna Faris clung to it at the premiere. That's some A+ butt-holding, right there.

  2. Best buttress, Bryce Dallas Howard.

    One holdable butt, presented for your approval.

  3. Brian Tee, a.k.a. Katashi Hamada, a.k.a. best supporting butt.

    You can hold onto Brian's butt while he holds onto his wife's baby bump, because that's totally not weird.

  4. This dinosaur's butt.

    Definitely the hottest buns in the movie, amirite? Ow, stop hitting me.

  5. The butt in the hardhat.

    Having been held once already by a dinosaur with discerning tastes, you can be assured of the quality of this butt. (Warning: Butt may be partially digested.)

  6. A herd of runnning butts.

    When selecting a dino butt to hold onto, it's important to have the best possible angle from which to examine the available options, hence the pod.

  7. Lindsay Vonn's butt.

    What's the champion skier doing at the "Jurassic World" premiere? Dunno, but she brought her butt.

  8. A veritable sea of butts.

    This is turning into a very busy day of butt-holding-onto, I'll tell you what.

  9. Seriously, though: CHRIS PRATT'S BUTT.

    Even the raptors want a piece of that.