Watch Zoe Saldana Perfectly Shut Down A Sexist Question About Her Husband's Last Name

Preach, Zoe.

Mr. Zoe Saldana, ne Marco Perego, took his wife's last name because (and we quote), he "doesn't give a s--t about arbitrary hallmarks of so-called masculinity."

And when it comes to dumb questions about his choice, Mrs. Zoe Saldana is a perfect counterpart to her husband, a.k.a. she's taking no s--t.

Zoe was on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" last night (June 11), where she shut down a sexist question from her host without hesitation.

"He took your last name - did you make him do that?" Kimmel asked.

A clearly exasperated Zoe answered, "No! Oh my God. Why does it mean that a woman has to hold a gun, like, You're gonna be Saldana!"

The audience was already cheering wildly, but the actress wasn't done: "I took his [name]," she said. "Why doesn't that make it into the news?"

GOOD QUESTION. Why, indeed? (Insert your preferred rant against the patriarchy here.)

Zoe also revealed that she and her husband actually took new names while keeping their old ones, explaining, "I'm Saldana-Perego, and he's Perego-Saldana."

And the couple's twins? They're Perego-Saldanas, because Zoe believes in gender equality, but she also believes in being "a gentleman." Zoe and Marco Saldana-Perego-Saldana: Winning at marriage yet again.