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Watch Kendrick Lamar Rap His Favorite Dr. Dre Song

K. Dot takes it back.

Kendrick Lamar not only works very closely with Dr. Dre, but long before he was a famous rapper, he was a huge fan of the fellow Compton native's music. As we all know, it's tough to choose one single favorite song from our favorite artists, but K. Dot was asked to do that with Dre and oblidged -- and then some.

In an interview with Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1, after a bit of struggle and contemplation, Kendrick chose "Little Ghetto Boy," off of Dre's first album, The Chronic.

"I can just remember being a kid, listening to the story, and being blown away," he said of the 1992 track.

Then, unprovoked -- not that anyone's complaining -- Kendrick rapped the last few bars of Dre's verse.

"I didn't understand/ How a n--a so young could bust a cap/ I used to be the same way back/ I guess that's what I get/ For trying to jack them little homies for they grip"

"I was blown away," he added. "Because it's really the reality that we in, and I understood it. And it was just the storytelling of it was wild."

That's not the only time in the interview that Dot took us back to his early Dre memories. He also revealed the song that reminds him of being in school: "Keep Their Heads Ringin'."

"This is like when 'Friday' came out, and everybody was saying [the line], 'You got knocked the f--k out!' At school, all the kids were saying that," he said. "And I'd come from school, and this video would come on a show called 'The Box,' channel 25, we had a little small remote. You had to order [the video]. There's people that was ordering this video like back to back to back to back to back. And now I kinda understand -- I think the label was ordering it back to back to back, paying for it. But, yeah, I used to love this song and video."