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Olivia Wilde's Kid Is The Secret Baby King Of Instagram

Otis it is.

All babies are cute, sure. But Olivia Wilde's kiddo Otis is, like, extra adorable.

Wilde shared a rare snap of herself with the little mister -- her son with comedy actor Jason Sudeikis, who was born last spring -- hanging out at a water fountain at Brooklyn Bridge Park and going all in on the splishing and splashing fun.

At least she was. Otis kinda looks like he doesn't give a rip. In fact, his I am so over it, Mom expression might be one of the top ten highlights of our whole day here. Because it's amazing.

Come to think of it, pretty much every picture she's ever shown us of Baby OAS (that's Otis Alexander Sudeikis) has been almost too presh for its own good.

A quick visual history:

First, there was this one, when he was still cozied up in his mommy motel.

The kid had 26 thousand likes before he was even a fully developed fetus. Beat that.

And this one, when all we saw was his ear but we were already head right over heels.

What can we say? It was a really cute ear.

There was also his infamous lunchtime-in-the-buff snap heard round the world.

Olivia and Otis went viral with their natural nutritional connection.

Otis played peek-a-boo with the whole wide world in this pic.

Yes, his hoodie has little animal ears. Because baby clothes are way funner than grown-up clothes. Harrumph.

And then he went full Wilde style with his mommy for this adorable candid shot.


We rest our case. Otis is the baby king of social media. And he didn't need 1,000 different selfies to make it happen either. Baby claps.