27 Burning 'Jurassic World' Questions -- Answered

Has something survived? Yes, it has. That's a freebie.

With reporting by Shaunna Murphy and Victoria McNally

"Jurassic World" ties up everything pretty neatly. The park is (relatively) saved, the still alive people are still alive, and our two heroes literally walk off into the sunsetrise.

But there are still a few dangling, burning questions we're wondering about. So here we are, to answer some, and pose others -- and if you've got any other burning questions (or have answers), ask in the comments below!

Spoilers for "Jurassic World" past this point, and if you clicked on this piece and didn't realize there were spoilers I'm upset at you.

  1. Will Jurassic World get shut down?

    I mean, probably, right? They keep saying that if any word got out that their theme park, which was built on a steady foundation of a theme park where everyone got eaten by dinosaurs, was a place where people got eaten by dinosaurs, they'd be shut down. With a disaster that big, at the very least they're going to sell a few less margaritas.

  2. What happened to Dr. Henry Wu and his amazing embryos?

    BD Wong escapes at the end of the movie -- or rather, is forced into an InGen helicopter -- with a suitcase full of dinosaur hybrid embryos. So... That's pretty bad news, right? Even with the theme park "saved," the evil InGen corporation has their hands on the start of a dinosaur army. How crazy will the next movie potentially get? Read on...

  3. Are we about to get John Sayles' "Jurassic Park IV?"

    Are you guys ready for a crazy deep dive through alternate history? Way back in 2007, word first trickled on the internet that there was an insane script for "JP4." And it was insane. The basic idea? After the first act of the movie, it turns out there's an elite, "Dirty Dozen" style team of bad-ass dinosaurs in body armor with guns who are taking down drug dealers and working to save the world. And this has all been jump started by the wrong, evil corporation getting their hand on embryos stolen from Isla Nublar.

    Sounds crazy, right? Except that's exactly what this movie is leading into, and the John Sayles written script was said to be approved by Steven Spielberg -- exactly like "Jurassic World."

    Could it happen? Could this be the prequel that (bananas) movie needed to explain how it got from Site B to Point C? Maybe. We'll just have to see if the world is ready for a dino army.

  4. Can Clair and Owen really make things work?

    They seem such different types, and relationships started under stressful situations never end well. I'm JUST saying.

  5. Can the kids' parents make it work?

    I mean, it's nice they both came for their children, but they're still getting divorced, right? Staying together just because your kids survived a dino attack seems like a recipe for a stressful home situation. I'm JUST saying.

  6. What else was in Indominus' DNA?

    Indominus Rex is made of sugar and spice and everything nice (and also raptors, tree frogs, and cuttlefish), but what else is in their DNA? Was there some other surprise hiding in there?

  7. Why didn't they clear out the old park?

    As cool as it was to visit the original Jurassic Park, why didn't they clear out those buildings when they set up Jurassic World? Wouldn't it make sense to not leave trucks, hats, and other things around for anyone to find?

  8. Mr DNA? Really?

    A lovely Easter Egg, but chances are they would have given Mr. DNA a backwards baseball cap and a skateboard, or SOMETHING different to update him a bit.

  9. Does Jurassic World work on a UNIX system?

    Because if so, I know this.

  10. What happened to Barry?

    We checked in at the end with pretty much everyone except Owen's best friend Barry (Omar Sy). In fact, I'm pretty sure the last time we saw him was in a log, almost killed by raptors. Ummm... Where'd he go?

  11. Did Lowery get another job?

    He was the guy in control of opening and closing the paddocks for the park. Even if he stayed behind, you know he's taking the fall for this, right?

  12. What did the original trio think about all of this?

    We may never know what Dr. Alan Grant, Dr. Ellie Sattler and Dr. Ian Malcolm were up to during the events of "Jurassic World," but the new cast has some ideas.

  13. Did Masrani actually die?

    Yes, the billionaire crashed his helicopter. Yes, it exploded. But we never saw the body, so maybe he ejected at the last second? Hey, stranger things have happened.

  14. Did Masrani have any heirs?

    I guess I'm no corporate guy, but in the event the CEO of the company dies, another company takes over? Really? There was no Vice President In Charge Of Dinosaur Control or anything?

  15. How come nobody got as shirtless as Jeff Goldblum?

    Great question. That's because in a Park, you're allowed to take your shirt off, but not in a World. It's a rule.

  16. They really killed all those Pterosaurs?

    There were no contingencies in place to safely secure the pterosaurs if they escaped, so they HAD to shoot all of them to death? Rude. Those are extinct, bro.

  17. Where was the first aid camp?

    Dinosaurs run the island now, so where was the first aid camp at the end? Presumably Costa Rica? This is important to me for some reason.

  18. What's up at Site B?

    Isla Sorna is the setting for the second and third movies in the series, but isn't mentioned here at all... So what's going on over there? Are there still dinosaurs/William H. Macy running free?

  19. What do the Navajo think of Owen's joke?

    "I'm Navy, not Navajo," Owen jokes when Clair asks if he can track the dinosaurs by scent. No chance they're going to take offense to that, right? If I know the Internet and outrage, we should be juuuuuuust fine.

  20. What's the turnaround on petting zoo dinosaurs?

    Like, how big do they need to get before you can't ride them anymore? Because the camels at the Bronx Zoo are pretty huge, and there's no problem riding them.

  21. Did the ride operator who was just trying to do his job survive?

    Probably not, sorry.

  22. Did that guy get to finish his margaritas?

    Almost definitely. Margaritas for everyone!

  23. Related: is it a good idea to drink near dinosaurs?

    I mean, no. No. Don't do that. If you see a dinosaur... Run. For the bar! To order more drinks.

  24. Why was Blue the only one that got a regular name?

    Charlie, Delta, and Delta all have military designations, so why is Blue the only one with a cute nickname? No idea, but she was made with Black-Throated African Monitor Lizard DNA, hence her blue pattern. So, that's a fun fact!

  25. Why would you be allowed to go off-road with the gyroscopes?

    Well remember, the gate was ripped open, so they didn't normally let them go anywhere. But yeah, that seems like a design flaw. A minor one compared to the whole "didn't think the dinosaurs could escape" one, but still.

  26. Why was nobody tweeting?

    You'd think everyone would have their phones out, but in the alternate world of "Jurassic Park" Twitter was never invented and okay fine I don't know.

  27. What should I hold on to?

    Your butts. Always your butts.