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Watch Out, Harry Styles — These 19 Man Buns Might Be Even Hotter Than Yours

More like "Bun-aroo," amirite???

MANCHESTER, Tennessee — We out here at Bonnaroo, and it's hot, y'all. Like, my shorts are now a permanent part of me, I think. A common way dudes are using to beat the heat? Man buns. So many man buns.

Considering that Justin Bieber and Harry Styles have been recent man bun converts, the quantity isn't surprising, it's the quality that's blowing us away—these dudes know how to bun.

We walked the grounds—like, all day—and found 19 dudes with the best buns. Peep 'em in all their beautiful bun glory!

  1. MTV

    Jake from Arkansas

  2. MTV

    Casey from Georgia

  3. MTV

    Anthony from Illinois

  4. MTV

    John from Mississippi

  5. MTV

    Josh from Florida

  6. MTV

    Mohamed from New York

  7. MTV

    Colin from Ohio

  8. MTV

    Dannesh from Ohio

  9. MTV

    Brandon from Iowa

  10. MTV

    Nick from Florida

  11. MTV

    Cody from Virginia

  12. MTV

    Brad from Louisiana

  13. MTV

    Alex from Illinois

  14. MTV

    Kelly from Canada

  15. MTV

    Tony from Tennessee

  16. MTV

    Aaron from Florida

  17. MTV

    Taran from Wisconsin

  18. MTV

    Christian from New York

  19. MTV

    Josh from Ohio