Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Watch Nick Young Try (And Fail) To Identify Iggy Azalea's Lyrics

Swaggy P had some trouble identifying his fiancee's music.

Nick Young might need to do some more homework on his fiancée, Iggy Azalea, because apparently he’s not too familiar with all of her music.

The NBA player was a guest on ESPN’s “Sports Nation” this week, where he was challenged to a game of “Iggy or Kobe?” The instructions were simple: read the lyrics and decide who rapped ‘em. Sounds easy enough, but Swaggy P definitely struggled a bit.

Things started off well, when he accurately guessed Kobe for the first set of lyrics, but then it was all downhill from there.

He struck out on the next three sets of rhymes, guessing Kobe when it was actually Iggy, guessing Iggy when it was actually Kobe, and one more time – guessing Kobe when it was Iggy again.


Maybe Iggy can just put on a private concert to help him brush up on his knowledge. The couple got engaged recently, so they’ll be spending plenty of time together in the future.