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Yes, Taxes Suck – But What You Pay Has More Power Than You Think

Nobody likes paying taxes, but there are good reasons you have to.

Do you like clean water, decent schools and scholarships and soldiers getting paid to protect the homeland? Then, in theory, you should have no problem with paying taxes. Because that (along with Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid) are basically where most of your tax dollars go to.

"Nobody likes paying taxes... Paying taxes is a bummer no matter who you are," Adam Davidson, co-founder of NPR's "Planet Money" tells MTV's in "Rock Your Brain: Taxes = Power = You."

"But if the government is going to provide services it has to pay for them in some way."

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And while 80% of the taxes we pay go to cover the Defense Dept., Social Security and health programs, the rest of it goes to paying for the postal service, education, veterans benefits and keeping the environment clean. Here's the dirty secret: if we shifted the tax burden so that it was more evenly distributed and fair you'd see a lot more people with a bit more money.

But we don't. And here's why. Politics.

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Yup, it's that simple. "Politicians are courted by lobbyists and interest groups so they'll give preferences to certain transactions over others," Davidson said. That's why you can deduct your mortgage interest: because the wealthier you are, the bigger your mortgage, the bigger your interest payment and the more you can take off your taxes.

There's no magic solution, but leveling the playing field could "instantly improve life for a huge number of people," according to Davidson.

MTV/Kurt Woerpel