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Twerking Miley Or Hannah Montana? Which Cyrus Are You?

Sweet niblets? Or BANGERZ?

To say that Miley Cyrus has changed since the "Hannah Montana" days is like saying that cellphones are kind of different than they were in the '90s. Read: A MASSIVE understatement. Lady has been chameleoning all over the place of late -- from twerking on teddies to helping the homeless.

And she's done it all while retaining the edge and quirk we came to love during her "HM" days. Yup, she may have made a powerful statement about her fluid sexuality in the pages of Paper Magazine, but she also posed naked on the cover, hugging a pig. And we wouldn't have it any other way.

In honor of Miley's on-going transformation, take our quiz below to find out which Cyrus YOU are!