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Zendaya Amazingly Shuts Down Makeup-Shaming Hater


If there's one thing we love about Zendaya, it's that she's on a constant quest to call out body-shamers. Her eloquent response to Fashion Police's hair shade (very rightfully!) made history, but a couple nights ago, she took things into her own hands when she saw a hateful comment on Twitter.

BuzzFeed spotted Zendaya replying to a women-bashing Twitter account called "Manstagram," which (somehow) has over 200K followers. They posted a picture of YouTube beauty vlogger Shannon with and without makeup, and said, "This is why our first date is running a mile around the track to see if you sweat the makeup off."

Zendaya replied to the tweet with a photo of herself in specs saying, "That awkward moment when this tweet is irrelevant cause she's slaying both ways #wannaborrowmyglasses," which supported the beautifully bare-faced vlogger.

Shannon herself saw Zendaya's tweet and thanked her for standing up for other women, and TBH, we couldn't be more proud. Zendaya, you rule, and we are fully behind your body positive comments forever and always. XOXO, MTV