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'Lord Of The Rings' Actor Christopher Lee Has Died

The 'Star Wars' actor died on Sunday at the age of 93.

Christopher Lee, famous to several different generations for countless roles including Count Dracula and Count Dooku alike, has died.

The Telegraph reports that the legendary actor passed away last Sunday (June 7) at London's Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, where he was being treated for heart failure and respiratory problems. Lee was 93, having marked his birthday just three weeks ago.

Lee's legacy speaks for itself, with credits in an enormous wealth of movies and wide-ranging genres. For some, he's best known for playing Dracula in the Hammer Horror films. For others, it's his role as Bond villain Francisco Scaramanga in "The Man with the Golden Gun" that comes immediately to mind.

Younger fans likely know Lee best as the cruel Count Dooku (alias Darth Tyranus) in two of the "Star Wars" prequels, as well as the equally traitorous wizard Saruman the White in the "Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit" franchises.

However you knew him, know that Lee was a rare talent with an impact matched by few living actors.