Every Time Shia LaBeouf Was Art Made Human

The man. The enigma. The boeuf.

Shia LaBeouf has officially been on the planet for 29 weird, wonderful years, during the majority of which he has operated at a level of consciousness that mere mortals like you and me cannot hope to understand. Who is Shia LaBeouf? What is Shia LaBeouf? Why is Shia LaBeouf?

These are the questions that torment us in our darkest hours. But today, on Shia LaBeouf's birthday, we are content to leave them unanswered, and instead to simply celebrate Shia's life so far in all its mystery and glory.

Below, we round up the best times that Shia was the human embodiment of art, or sometimes vice versa. Proceed with caution: For when you look too long into LaBeouf, LaBeouf also looks into you.

  • Even early on, Shia demonstrated a keen ability to toe the line between the existential...
  • ...And the absurd.
  • The way he tells us not to freak out, while obviously, simultaneously freaking out himself, captures the exquisite dissonance of the human experience.
  • As does his "Nymphomanic" kissing technique.
  • Interpretive dance? Sure, Shia can do that.
  • When art made human wears pants made art: The Shia LaBeouf story.
  • And sometimes, Shia appears in public dressed like a spandex Easter egg. Why? For reasons, the mystery of which will torment you until you draw your last breath.
  • He elevated the "Transformers" franchise to a whole other artistic sphere.
  • His Twitter account is like a never-ending performance piece.
  • He's committed to his craft on a chemical level.
  • This haircut. That is all.
  • Thanks to Shia, this Sia video wasn't so much a video as an experience.
  • His "Saturday Night Live" appearance was magic in so many ways.
  • If only we had achieved the level of consciousness required to understand what Shia was really saying when he did the tango with Michael Pena.
  • His departure from public life was a beautiful shout into the void.
  • Think about it. No, YOU think about it.
  • And let's not forget the time Shia himself became an interactive art exhibit with #IAMSORRY.
  • Or the skywriting incident.
  • Or the multiple apologies for plagiarism, which he... plagiarized. That's just meta as f***.
  • Then there was his Grammy awards poetry performance.
  • And this video performance piece, in which he screamed a trite motivational speech in front of a green screen for sixty seconds.
  • This was the first moment at which Shia LaBeouf became art made human... made art.
  • But not the last.
  • Until finally, he came full circle: Appearing in the audience at a performance piece inspired by his antics, which were a performance in and of themselves, Shia LaBeouf is art made human, made art, made human, made art.
  • No, Shia. Thank YOU. (And happy birthday.)