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Officer In Pool Arrest Case Finally Speaks Out

Also: Cops bust lemonade stand, sharks on the highway and underage drinking down.

Attorney Says Cpl. Eric Casebolt Was Under Stress Before Incident

The attorney for McKinney, Texas officer Cpl. Eric Casebolt said on Wednesday that the officer "allowed his emotions to get the better of him" on the day he broke up that pool party and pinned a 15-year-old bikini-wearing teen to the ground. Lawyer Jane Bishkin noted that Casebolt -- who has since resigned from the force -- had earlier responded to two high-stress, suicide-related calls before arriving to the pool party scene and that the white officer was not targeting minorities in his actions. "He never intended to mistreat anyone, but was only reacting to a situation and the challenges it presented," she said.

In a related story, North Miami Senior High School principal Albert Iber was removed from his job on Wednesday after he commented on an article supportive of Casebolt.

Yeah, They Shut Down The Lemonade Stand

You know summer has officially begun when this happens. Cops in Overton, Texas, busted rogue sugar water selling sisters Andria, 8, and Zoey, 7, Green this week when they discovered the lemonade stand they’d set up to raise money for their dad’s Father’s Day gift was illegal because it lacked a city Peddler’s permit. Locals pitched in after the story broke, donating everything from amusement park tickets to $200 in cash.

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If You See A Truck Full Of Sharks…

On Tuesday, it was pigs on the highway, so of course Wednesday meant it was Shark Day. A truck packed with sharks blew a tire and crashed in Volusia County, Florida, with one shark dying after his tank was damaged, but the rest of the five-foot-long sandbar sharks were spared injury.

Quick Take 1: Sorry, bro, you can’t see Bin Laden’s porn stash. The CIA has rejected a Freedom of Information request from editor David Covucci to see the alleged adult film cache found in Osama bin Laden’s hiding place. "I personally think us dudes have a right to know what the world’s most wanted man masturbated to," he wrote in his request. "I think something like that should enter the public record." The CIA said no… because it is prohibited from mailing obscene matter.

Quick Take 2: A new government study has found that from the years 2002-2013 underage drinking among young people (12-20) dropped 6.1%, while underage binge drinking was down 5.1%. Alcohol remains the primary drug used by young people, with 22.7% reporting that they drink, compared to 16.9% who said they use tobacco and 13.6% who used illegal drugs.

Quick Take 3: Lawmakers in Michigan passed a bill on Wednesday that would allow publicly funded adoption agencies to deny services to prospective parents based on religious grounds. Opponents say the bill is intended to give adoption agencies leeway to discriminate against potential parents based on sexual orientation, religion or marital status, while still using taxpayer funds. It is unknown if Republican Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder will sign the bill.