Raymond Hall/Getty Images

Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Ride A Giant Inflatable Swan In This Amazing Pool Day Pic

Welcome to Tay's Instagram, Calvin!

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have just taken their relationship to the next level.

Yep, it’s true — these two are now Instagram official. Hurrah!

Tay finally shared the first solo snap of her and her aggressively photogenic beau on her Insta, and there is so much happening, guys.

The pic shows the adorable new couple basking — nay, GLOWING — in a picturesque, sunlit pool. Proving they’re the ultimate fun couple who don’t take themselves too seriously, they decided to pose dramatically atop a... wait for it... GIANT SWAN FLOAT.

Tay captioned the pic “Swan goals,” but really, this photo has GOALS GALORE. Goals, as far as the eye can see! Let’s break it down:

- We’ve got Relationship Goals, because Taylor and Calvin are nothing short of an immaculate couple only Pluto himself could’ve blessed upon the earth.

- Boyfriend Goals, because Calvin is steering the swan ship like the brave soul he is, keeping watch for any icebergs while Taylor navigates behind him, gripping his chiseled chest.

- Then there’s Pool Goals, because it looks like some kind of heavenly, turquoise-watered infinity pool that puts our yard sprinklers to shame.

- Hair Goals, because only Tay’s golden locks could remain that perfectly frizz-free while swimming.

- And lastly, there’s the overarching Summer Goals, because this swoon-y swan snap captures a seriously ideal summer moment. Le sigh.