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‘In The ‘90s I Thought’ Trend Makes Us Miss Our Gameboys And Mix CDs

Yes, the picture above is Aaron Carter playing with a vintage Gameboy. Jealous?

Ahh, the ‘90s — a decade splattered with sickeningly pastel color hues, lots of girl power, and mobile phones the size of a microwave.

To glorify the zany decade that was, Twitter users made the hashtag #InThe90sIThought go viral on Wednesday (June 10), serving up some hilarious nostalgia and resurfacing tons of superb pop culture references. Here are some of our favorite things people thought way back in the day:

  1. There would be more “Zenon”-esque technological progress made by now.
  2. Tamagotchi was a sign of your parenting skills.
  3. Nothing to see here — just your average trio of A-list celebs.
  4. Fancy Word Art = instant A+.
  5. This game was EVERYTHING. If it said you’d be living in a shack with Nick Carter and a pet lizard? Dammit, you’d better be living in a shack with Nick Carter and a pet lizard.
  6. Forget promposals — all it took to woo your crush was a meticulously crafted mix CD.
  7. Gameboys were a hot commodity.
  8. The warning signs were there all along for Amanda Bynes…
  9. Passing notes = the O.G. texts.
  10. This trendy firecracker was the source of all wisdom.
  11. Being able to listen to your favorite music at the push of a button required WORK and great attention to detail.
  12. Even Lance Bass got in on the trend, reminiscing about his younger days. Clearly, some things for him have changed.
  13. This sleepover prank was the definition of living dangerously.
  14. There were a lot of fashion regrets.
  15. But nothing’s as bad as this style disaster, amirite?
  16. Zach and Kelly were your original OTP.
  17. This is basically just a fancy way of saying: People talked. IRL. Face-to-face. YUP.
  18. Same, girl. Same.
  19. We naively assumed boy bands were 4ever.
  20. Cher Horowitz’s closet was so revolutionary that it was probably invented by NASA.