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Kim Kardashian Just Shut Down Three Huge Rumors With One Tweet

Rumor mill, consider yourself handled.

Kim Kardashian's life is basically an open book laying wide and ready for anyone who wants to start Keeping Up With -- well, you get the idea. But even she has a few secrets from the world.

Like the gender of her on-the-way second baby with her bae Kanye, for prime example.

The internet exploded on Wednesday (June 10) with word that Kimye was expecting a Junior Yeezy -- that is, a baby boy -- but, according to Kimmy herself, we shouldn't believe everything we read about her.

In fact, she did kind of a one-two-three punch to knock out a whole series of baby-related rumors surrounding her and Ye's oven-bound bun -- yes just one bun.

"So many rumors," she wrote on her Twitter feed. "We are not having twins, yes I am carrying my own baby lol & we have not told anyone the sex of our baby yet!"

"Nothing is confirmed unless you hear it from me!" she added.

Summation: That's (1) a no-go for the twins rumor -- which she's already called "ridiculous" before, (2) a STFU to those surrogacy murmurs, and (3) a wait-for-the-gender-reveal-party-dammit response to all the little boy blue buzz of the day.

So, in short, we know nothing about this baby right now, world.

It is worth noting, though, that the only rumor left open as possibly still true was the boy/girl part. Kim didn't explicitly deny that it was a boy, see, she just said wait 'til she reveals that nugget of info herself. So if baby West does happen to be a masculine one, she's not lying to us right now.