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Zayn-less One Direction Fan Art Makes Their Foursome Painfully Real

One less guy to draw, right?

Of course you remember the infamous day that Zayn Malik took a different direction -- when he left an empty space in One Direction (and our hearts).

They say "time heals all wounds." This seems to be true -- because in the 11 weeks since One Direction has been Zayn-less, fans have chilled. They've come to accept that Zayn and 1D are separate entities and that One Direction is now a foursome. And even though we originally fell in love with Louis, Harry, Liam, Niall and Zayn as a group, we can appreciate the spirit that One Direction represents. You wouldn't want to force anyone to stay in a group if their spirit wasn't in it, now would you?

Directioners have always been creative about their love of the band (their fan art is some of the best in the world, second to, like, watercolors of Jerry Garcia) and now they're reflecting their acceptance of 1D sans Zayn in their paintings and drawings.

Here's the new era of One Direction fan art:

  1. Zayn-less notebook sketches
  2. Lifelike Zayn-less drawing
  3. Half-finished pen drawing of Zayn-less guys
  4. Zayn-less stick figures
  5. One Direction as the Zayn-less Avengers
  6. One Direction as Zayn-less Greek gods
  7. One Direction as clueless (and Zayn-less) fashionistos
  8. Zayn-less, rosy-cheeked drawing
  9. Zayn-less, three-legged drawing
  10. Zayn-less, Slovakian drawing
  11. Zayn-less, and eyeball-less, drawing
  12. Juicy, Zayn-less watercolor
  13. Badass, James Bond-esque drawing -- also Zayn-less
  14. Zayn-less, suited-up drawing
  15. Etched collage of Zayn-less 1D
  16. Zayn-less cuties