Ben McKenzie Is Down For An 'O.C.' Reunion With Adam Brody And YES

We want this, Universe.

Ryan Atwood and Seth Cohen's epic bromance might just get a round two, guys. Cue all the flaily arms -- and dust off the soundtrack (you know you had one). 'Cause California, here we cooooome!

Ben McKenzie, who's currently tearing it up on the small screen with Fox's "Gotham," has spoken up about his interest in an "O.C." reunion, and not only is he totally in for the idea -- but he's also had some recent behind-the-scenes communications with Adam Brody. Because Ryan and Seth 4EVER.

"I don't know, I saw Adam recently, and you know, I hope so," he told E! Online of his hopes for some more screen time with his former on-screen adoptive bro. "He's a great guy."

Let's repeat that - he HOPES so. That's not just a piece of "uh, yeah, sure" lip service, people. And he's also got some feels about the relash he and his boy had for four seasons. "If Ryan and Seth are not the best bromance of all time, I'm gonna need to talk to the editor," he added. We second that.

Because Ryan and Seth warmed up to each other from the word 'Go.'

They had lots of weird things in common, all of a sudden.

And Ryan always had Seth's back -- even when he was total goobersauce.

Plus, they weren't too man to do the hug thing.

And they started to seriously act alike, there at the end. Ya know, the way the bestest buddies oft do.

So, someone get the comic books and Chrismukkah decorations out -- we're ready for this to happen. Because now that they've waggled this in front of our faces, we're not going to rest until the pair is driving down the 101 -- together again.

Note: If you really want to get a case of the feely Tuesday blues about all of this, you can re-watch the end like we just did -- but have a hanky ready because TEARS.