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Game Turned Himself In To Police, Then Caught An Uber An Hour Later

That's one way to get around.

Game didn't seem to be too worried about an arrest warrant that was issued for him last week, and given the amount of time he spent in custody when he turned himself in on Monday, maybe there was a reason for that.

According to TMZ, the California native turned himself in to the LAPD yesterday afternoon, and was released 54 minutes later when he posted the $50,000 bail.

Apparently, after he gets out of jail, he gets around the same way many of us regular folks do. "Waiting on my uber," he wrote in a post on Monday, with the Hollywood Station of the LAPD as his backdrop.

Post Uber ride, it was time to hit the weights. And, yes, Game made himself his own #ManCrushMonday.

"#ManCrushMonday Fresh out, couldn't wait to get home shower & get back in my gym. #WinnersCircle," he wrote.

Hey, nothing's wrong with confidence and self-love.

The arrest warrant was issued after the Los Angeles County D.A. charged him with one count of making criminal threats, for his alleged role in an incident during a basketball game in March.

This isn't the first time the rapper has been in and out of a stint behind bars in a relatively short amount of time. Back in 2008, he was released after serving just eight days of a 60-day sentence for a felony gun charge, due to overcrowding.

Game's The Documentary 2 is due out later this year.