25 'Game Of Thrones' GIFs For When Words Fail You

Worth a thousand words.

"Game of Thrones" isn't just a sprawling, epic fantasy drama full of sex, beheadings, political intrigue, and hot chicks riding dragons into the sunset.

It is also a fantastically useful social tool, as every episode results in a flood of gifs that can stand in as reactions for all those times when mere words won't suffice. Below, we've rounded up all the essential moments from the show that you'll want to have on hand...

  1. When your mom wants to know why you're in such a bad mood all the time.
  2. When the lights come on at the end of the night.
  3. When your bro just got dumped and you're trying to cheer him up.
  4. When your friend needs to borrow a dollar.
  5. When your friend won't stop sending you petitions.
  6. When you wake up on Saturday morning, naked, with a pizza in your bed.
  7. When you develop not-so-platonic feelings for your best friend.
  8. When your BFF finally, finally takes your advice and dumps that douchebag.
  9. When there's only one slice of pizza left and bae lets you have it.
  10. When you're going out and someone asks how fast you can be ready.
  11. When you think you might honestly die if you eat even one more bite, but it's just. So. GOOD.
  12. When your bestie won't stop obsessing over some awful f***boy.
  13. When your friends ask for details about your Tinder date last night.
  14. When you see a spider.
  15. When you've just finished watching "Gone Girl".
  16. When you walk into a test you already know you're going to fail.
  17. When you've got six great comebacks ready and just have to pick your favorite one.
  18. When you're so hungry you're hangry, and then some blessed person hands you a piece of cheese.
  19. When you're right in the middle of a flame war and you accidentally mix up "your" and "you're".
  20. When your teacher calls on you and you literally have no idea.
  21. When you find out from Facebook that your friends all went out last night without you.
  22. When it's that time of the month.
  23. When you start hanging out with the rugby team.
  24. When you find out your frenemy has been spreading all kinds of nasty gossip behind your back.
  25. Whenever.