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Has Lil Wayne Solved (Some Of) His Cash Money Problems?

He's reportedly hired a company to help.

Lil Wayne has many issues with Cash Money, according to a lawsuit filed earlier this year, including the claim that the label owes him royalties for sales on past music. He now seems to be taking a step to rectify at least that aspect of the dispute.

Tunechi has hired a company called Kobalt Neighbouring Rights to collect global royalty revenue on his behalf, according to AllHipHop.

On its website, KNR boasts that they "collect up to 20–30% more revenue for artists and writers." They do this with the help of a tracking system, they say. "Kobalt's powerful tracking system compares collection against detailed in-house expectations to ensure all income is correctly accounted," the site explains. "Kobalt develops these detailed expectations from 3rd party performance data, Territory expectations from Kobalt's pre-distribution health check, as well as from the client's income data. Combining these three data sources allows us to monitor collection and ensures all income is received."

The company has a lengthy roster of over 8,000 artists and songwriters and 500 publishing companies, which includes major names like Sam Smith, Bruno Mars and Calvin Harris, as well as the likes of Kid Cudi, Beck, Paul McCartney and more.

Weezy's January suit not only claimed that he was owed royalties, but also that he's owed $10 million for delivering his upcoming Tha Carter V, as well as that the label hasn't paid Drake for solo recordings since early 2012. In April, the suit was moved from New York to New Orleans, where Wayne first signed with CM.

There's still no release date on Tha Carter V, but Tune is prepping his Free Weezy Album for fans in the meantime.