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Army Doctor Suspended After Years Of Bizarre Experiments On Students

Also: Guam's first same-sex couple marries, pigs spill on highway and march in Texas over pool party incident

Dr. John Henry Hagmann Reportedly Used Alcohol And Ketamine On Subjects

Army doctor John Henry Hagmann participated in some truly strange scientific studies before the Virginia Board of Medicine suspended his license earlier this year. According to a just-unsealed report from the Board, Hagmann, 59, allowed medical students and military officers to perform "invasive procedures" on each other (including catherization in unsterile environments), encouraging students to give each other large doses of alcohol and the anesthetic ketamine during "cognition lab" experiments. Hagmann let them administer painful penile nerve blocks on each other, and he performed unusually lengthy private prostate and rectal exams on the students. He received more than $10 million for his studies, some of which he reportedly used on two participants in 2013 in order to exploit them "for personal gain and sexual gratification." Hagmann faces a medical board hearing on June 19.

So Many Pigs On The Highway

A semitrailer carrying 2,200 piglets wiped out on the highway in Xenia, Ohio. The Monday night crash unfortunately killed 300-400 of the pigs, with a number running off into the nearby woods while authorities spent hours trying to round up the rest by grabbing the squealing porkers by their hind legs.

Hundreds Rally For Texas Pool Party Teens, New York Man Arrested For Nothing

More than 1,000 people marched in McKinney, Texas, on Monday following the weekend incident where a local police officer shoved a teenage girl to the ground and pointed his gun at other kids at a pool party. The organizer of the party said on Tuesday (June 9) that the suspended officer, Cpl. Eric Casebolt, had "no reason" to act how he did and protesters chanted "fire him!" during their march.

Meanwhile, a New York man is suing the NYPD after officers pulled him over and could not give him any reason for his arrest. Ben Farias, 26, says cops admitted they didn’t know why they stopped him and ended up arresting him for driving with an expired license, though he provided the proper paperwork to show his license was up to date.

Guam’s First Same-Sex Couple Marries

Nikki Dismuke and Deasia Johnson showed up at 8 a.m. on Tuesday morning to become the first same-sex couple to legally marry in Guam. Their wedding came after a judge ruled on Friday that the nation’s law restricting marriage to opposite sex couples only was unconstitutional.

Quick Take 1: The Education Dept. announced on Monday that it will make it easier for students who claim they were defrauded by their colleges to get forgiveness for their student loans. That could mean debt cancelation for up to 40,000 students at a cost of $500 million for taxpayers.

Quick Take 2: Those escaped murderers are still on the run after three days and on Monday authorities questioned a female employee who tailored clothes at the prison and who knew the men "very well" for being a possible accomplice.